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Do you have a dream adventure that you're struggling to turn into reality?I offer one to one, bespoke mentoring to go from pipe dream to memories of a lifetime.Mentoring is offered for free to those typically under-represented in the world of adventures.

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Adventure Mentor is an initiative to share my adventure experience and expertise to enable more people, and from more diverse backgrounds, to feel empowered and informed to go on their own adventures, big or small.Mentoring takes place on a 50 minute video call. We can focus on whichever parts of your adventure you wish: research, equipment, safety, visas, money, when to go, where to go, how to make sure you have fun, and so on!Equally, if you're not sure where to start, I can give some helpful pointers to get us going. My aim is for you to leave the session with clear next steps for your trip preparation, as well as having the belief to confidently take them.Adventure Mentoring is available for free to:
- female, trans or non-binary people
- people of colour
- people from a low income household
- people who are neurodivergent, disabled, or have special educational needs
- people who are LGBTQIA
Adventure Mentoring is available to all. If you do not meet the criteria for free mentoring, paid sessions are available. These help cover the costs of the sessions of those from less privileged backgrounds.

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Hi, my name's Jude Kriwald. I've been adventuring for as long as I can remember, and have been helping others turn their dreams into adventurous realities for over ten years.My adventure journey started spontaneously and with very poor preparation, aged 18, cycling up "the highest road in the world" in just a pair of cotton trousers and a wooly jumper. Equally terrified and enthralled, I took two lessons away from that experience. Firstly, I knew I was hooked on adventure and wanted more of it. Secondly, I knew I had to prepare better if I wanted to rely on more than mere luck to come back to tell the stories.Since then, my adventures have taken me from England to India by bicycle, alone through West African rainforests, trekking solo in Pakistan's Karakorum mountains, hitch-hiking on yachts through the Caribbean and on winter ascents of snowy peaks.Whether it's a one-night camp out or the expedition of a lifetime, I've been privileged to guide others by joining them on their adventures. From a first-ever adventure, camping overnight in the woods, to driving a van from Shanghai to Istanbul or guiding Lands' End to John o'Groats, I've loved the thrill of enabling people to get out into the wild.Adventures makes us stronger, healthier and give us clarity. They build confidence, teach invaluable lessons and often provide us with new friends for life.I can't be on the road all the time, however, so Adventure Mentor is my initiative to support your adventure by giving you the space to explore the most pressing questions, talk through your biggest fears, and work out the steps you need to make your dream adventure come true.Instagram

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